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Jacci Phillips


Working for Community Action is a real pleasure, every single day is different. Obviously we have our ups and downs but at the heart of everything are the people we help in our local community. Although I am the Chief Officer I quite often drive the minibuses and go and do someone’s shopping for them! I spent some years working at BBC Hereford and Worcester as a producer on the Action Desk where I promoted lots of local charities. From this I learnt that volunteers are the life blood of the charity and I have a huge respect for all the hard work that our volunteers do for us. I have been with Community Action since 2008 and I couldn’t think of a career I would enjoy more!

Corinne Phillips

Joined August 2012

I started in August 2012 as Administrator for CA. Basically, I make sure the office is running efficiently and deal with the day-to-day issues that arise. I also arrange meetings and things such as the Volunteer’s Coffee Mornings, Summer and Christmas Fair and other one-off events.

I love my job. I love the ethos behind CA and am proud of the services we provide and of all our fantastic volunteers without whom we couldn’t survive.

Sarah Hodgkiss

Joined September 2009

I started work at Community Action in September 2009. I organise our three Minibuses and two wheelchair adapted vehicles providing transport for social outings, bus services in remote areas, local groups/organisations and medical appointments. It is very rewarding to work for such a wonderful charity and to able to help so many people who may otherwise be stuck in their homes.

Jane Dawson

Joined in 1994

I started work for Community Action in 1994. My role as Community Car Service Organiser is to take and organise bookings for transport to medical trips, such as appointments at the hospital, doctors dentist etc. I can also organise trips to take clients shopping and to destinations such as the bank or hairdressers. I also manage our team of volunteer drivers, liaising and co-ordinating with them to arrange the bookings.

I enjoy the fact that I am helping our clients to get to appointments which they would otherwise struggle with. I like the contact with our clients and the variety which is packed into everyday in our very busy office!

Aileen Burton

Joined October 2004

I started on 11th October 2004. I enjoy working at CA because of the close relationship that builds up between us (staff) with our clients and working alongside the kind group of volunteers that support us at CA. This team work brings a unique and essential service to our local elderly residents.

Julie Savage

Joined October 2011

I joined the organisation in October 2011 as part-time book-keeper. My role involves settlement of all Community Action accounts, volunteer expenses, daily banking, staff salaries, pensions, VAT etc basically ensuring that the books balance at the end of the day. It can be a very stressful role but it is one that I enjoy as I like number crunching. I have so far worked my way through two Treasurers and am currently on my third!